Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The "Contradiction" Trick

It is not by degrees of chance that the enemy of our souls relentlessly attacks the very thing able to make us wise unto the very thing we need (salvation) -- and that is the Scripture (2 Timothy 3:15). I submit that the “contradictions” you are about to perilously embrace, or have already perhaps started to accept, are nothing short of age old tactics that can be traced back to the fall of our first parents (Genesis 3:1) and the horrific tragedy that resulted (for sin resulted in death, spiritual/physical, awful).

Do you recall how the contradiction trick went?

The devil said: “Hath God said…?” And then… you guessed it… his contradiction: “You shall not surely die”. True or false? False, of course. Sin brought death (Romans 5:12), which effect no rationale person can deny.

The enemy of our souls is still contradicting the Words of the living God. He uses every available means to do so and, at every turn, seeks to distract us away from the cross (our need) by any method we may be prone to. In short, the fruit may take different forms, but the outcome is always the same when we listen to him, rather than the one true and living God (1 Timothy 2:5).

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